General Terms and Conditions

Updated on march 21, 2023

1. General

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as General Terms) of Em Ef Es EOOD, UIC 202359196 incorporated under the law of the Republic of Bulgaria having its seat and registered address  in Sofia, Mladost 1A Residential Quarters, building 511, apt. 26 (hereinafter ‘the Company’, ‘we’,  ‘us’ and  other pronouns), regulate the relations regarding the services provided through the Website  (hereinafter Services and Website) between the Company and natural persons (hereinafter Users), who wish to purchase the services offered on the Website with or without having personal registration.

1.2. Registration on the Website is free, voluntary and desirable, but not mandatory. After successful account registration, the User will receive an e-mail confirming that he can access his account. The use of the Website by Users (registered or not) automatically binds them to these General Terms and Conditions, with which they comply for the entire time of using the Website, from the initial entry to its exit. By ticking ‘I agree to the General Terms and Conditions’ before finalizing an electronic request to register an account or request a service, Users fully agree, accept and undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, whereby the contract is considered concluded and the Users declare that they will not violate Bulgarian legislation, the rules of morality and good manners and Internet ethics.

2. Services, rights, obligations, and liability of parties

2.1. The services offered and performed by the Company and described on the Website include the transportation of goods, referred to as packages.

2.1.1. The specified services are performed for packages delivered to England, Germany, Spain, USA, and Bulgaria.

2.1.2. Packages received in the first four countries specified in 2.1.1. are transported to Bulgaria. Packages received in Bulgaria are delivered, according to the User's wishes, to England, Germany or Spain.

2.1.3. In order to use the Company's Services, Users must have a registered account.

2.1.4. When using the Company's Services, Users undertake to use the Company's addresses in the countries specified in 2.1.1. only for the specified Services and for the transportation of goods that are authorized for purchase in the European Union. Users agree not to use the Company's Services to transport:

Goods and materials the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, clause, rule or regulation of a country through which the transport is traveling.

Living plants.

Substances and objects described in Art. 90 of the Postal Services Act.

Narcotic, narcotic, psychotropic, highly active and poisonous substances.

Weapons, explosives, incendiary or other dangerous substances or objects.

Excise goods, including alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookah tobacco and any tobacco products.

Objects contradicting moral standards.

Items and substances that, due to their nature or packaging, pose a danger to the life or health of Company employees or other persons, or may contaminate or damage other packages and equipment.

Religious materials of banned or unregistered sects and organizations in the country.

Movable cultural monuments for which no permit or certificate has been issued.

Coins, banknotes, currency notes, traveler’s cheques, items of value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, cut or uncut stones and other valuables. If a User ignores the stipulations of 2.1.4. and, the Company reserves the right to confiscate and hand over the goods to the relevant authorities in Bulgaria or return them to the sender.

2.1.5. Users undertake to submit correct information in each of their Service requests. It will be tied to the data from their profiles (for the purpose of identifying the requests), as well as to the implementation of the requested Services. In case of changes in the information provided, Users undertake to update their data in a timely manner.

2.1.6. Once a User completes a service request, he/she will receive a notification e-mail from the Website with confirmation of all service details. By completing his request, the User agrees that all the information provided and necessary for the process of performing the service is correct. The sending of the notification e-mail is considered an official confirmation of the request by the Company.

2.1.7. By completing his request, the User agrees that the Company may contact him by any means available to clarify the details of the request.

2.1.8. The confirmation of the request an enforceable distance contract for performance. Where it is necessary for a User to clarify the details related to the performance of his request on the Website, the Company will contact the User by phone. If it is impossible to contact the User by phone (invalid or wrong phone number provided by the User, as well as lack of contact), an attempt will be made to contact the User by e-mail. In the event that within 3 (three) days of the first contact attempt such contact is not made and/or no response (feedback) is received from the User, the request will be canceled by the Company.

2.1.9. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate a request by notifying the User in a timely manner, without further obligations for any of the parties and without any party being liable for damages. The Company is not liable for failing to fulfill a request in cases where the User has indicated incomplete and/or inaccurate data, including when he has indicated an incomplete or inaccurate address, telephone, or e-mail address.

2.1.10. If the Company cannot fulfill a request through its own fault, the Company undertakes to notify the User and to refund the sums paid by him, if any, within 14 days from the date on which the Company should have fulfilled its contractual obligation.

2.2. Deliveries from Abroad

2.2.1. The User orders and pays the seller (individual, legal entity, online platform/shop or other) a package on his own behalf and at his own expense, entering the Company's address as the delivery address in one of the countries specified in 2.1.1.

2.2.2. The purchased package is delivered to the Company's facilities in one of the countries specified in 2.1.1. by a courier/transport service arranged by and at the expense of the User and/or the seller.

2.2.3. The Company collects, prepares and transports the packages thus received to its facility in Bulgaria while keeping the User informed by e-mail about the current status of his packages and about their arrival in Bulgaria. The shipping of packages is via ground transportation according to a schedule determined by the Company and the packages are prepared for transportation in the order they have been received. It is not allowed to postpone the transportation of packages in order to accumulate a larger quantity of packages for a single transport. During transportation, the Company has no obligation to custom clear goods or pick up goods from other courier companies’ facilities. The Company has the right to return or not to accept goods ordered to its address by the User, if the relevant goods have not been paid for in full or have been purchased through credit (or other form of deferred/suspended payment) to the sender or seller. If goods purchased on credit are accepted and transported to a facility in Bulgaria, the Company has the right to demand from the User proof of full payment to the sender or seller, in order for the goods to be received by the User. The Company has the right to return or refuse to accept goods ordered to its address by the User, when such goods are in visibly damaged packaging, and the Company notifies the User.

2.2.4. After delivery of the packages to the Company's warehouse in Bulgaria, all packages are subject to unloading, inspection and sorting. During the time needed for these processing steps the User cannot receive his packages.  Here on site, processing also makes adjustments to shipments against volume, adjusting the price as well. Users can obtain their packages only after processing is completed and after receiving a notification by e-mail.

2.2.5. Information about packages, their weight, individual goods/packages contained, as well as the amount due for the Service, can be found in the User’s profile on the Website.

2.2.6. The company is not responsible for the contents of the packages, or the specifics of the ordered goods, such as model, color, size, etc.

2.2.7. The Company is not responsible for an order incorrectly placed by the User to a sender or seller.

2.2.8. The Company is not responsible for the content and current availability of the offers promoted by the sender or seller.

2.2.9. The Company is not responsible for receiving broken or damaged goods, or goods different from the ones ordered by the User.

2.2.10 Received shipments without correctly filled data (Leron, ID, full address according to our example) The Company stores in its database until their ownership is established, but no longer than 2 months after the date of receipt. After submitting a tracking number for proof of ownership and the confirmation, steps are taken to move and process the corresponding package, after which the user also receives information about its availability. The company does not commit to specific deadlines for processing incorrectly labeled packages.

2.2.11. In case of loss or damage of goods without additional insurance concluded between the User and the Company, the latter is obliged to pay the User compensation in the amount of up to 5 times the transport service, in the presence of a certificate of delivery/receipt. of the goods to the address of the company. The authentication is carried out by: 1. authentication of the delivery with a tracking number of the goods in the system of the operator of the delivery service, with information about the person who accepted the goods included; and 2. notification from the Company to the User that his shipment has been received at the Company's warehouse.

2.3. We shop for you

2.3.1. In his profile the user can request a purchase of goods from an online platform/store on his own behalf and at his own expense. The request must include: web link to the item, item number, text description, size, color, quantity and unit price for multiple items.

2.3.2. Once the request is received, the Company checks the availability of the requested product and its current price. Then, within 2 (two) business days, the User is notified via e-mail about the processing of his request, as well as the amount due.

2.3.3. The purchase order is executed by the Company within 1 (one) business day after the User’s confirmation of the processed request and payment confirmation for the value of the order.

2.3.4. The Company shall not be liable in case of incorrect order execution by the contractor/sender/seller, e.g., wrongly sent goods, wrong parameters (colors, sizes, etc.), etc. The Company may assist the User in correcting such order with the contractor/shipper/seller of the items. All costs related to such correction, e.g., costs of returning the goods back to the sender, bank fees, etc. shall be at the expense of the User.

2.3.5. If an order placed by the Company on behalf of the User is then refused by the contractor/sender/seller, the Company commits to refund the amount paid by the User, deducting the value of the service commission due. The amount is transferred to the User within 2 (two) business days as of the date the refund payment is made by the contractor/sender/seller to the Company.

2.3.6. An invoice/receipt is issued for the amount of the commission service + the cost of transport. As an intermediary, the Company operates with the capital of third parties and the tax base is only on the services rendered.

2.4. Address pick-up

2.4.1. In his profile, the User can request transportation of goods from a specified address of a contractor/sender/seller in the UK or Germany to the Company's facility in the same country. The request must include content, width, height, depth, full address (country, city, postal code, address, phone, person's name) and a text comment.

2.4.2. Once the request is processed, the Company contacts the User by phone to clarify details of the request, as well as to notify the User of the service price.

2.4.3. After having the User's consent, the Company collects the requested goods from the indicated address and delivers them to the Company's facility in the relevant country.

2.4.4. The User receives an e-mail notification about the delivery of the goods to the Company's facility.

2.4.5. The Company delivers the goods to Bulgaria as per item 2.2. and subitems.

2.5. VIP request and VIP subscription

2.5.1. The User can request special treatment for his package through one of the VIP Basic, VIP Extra and VIP Extra + Insurance services by submitting a request that includes the tracking number of the expected package, courier company name, tracking link, country of delivery, text comment and request type.

2.5.2. The request is processed by an operator within 24 hours and then activated and the Company commits to monitor the arrival of the specific package and handle all requested additional steps.

2.5.3. Once the package is received, the User gets an e-mail notification, confirming both its receipt and linking to the specific VIP request.

2.5.4. If the User wants to return the package to the country of delivery, he must pay the Company service fee , as well as forwarding costs, prior to the execution of the request. Otherwise, the fee is paid together with the shipping fee upon receipt of the package.

2.5.5. The Company shall not be liable for damages or forgone income to the User, if the Company does not identify the expected package upon receipt and respectively does not perform the requested services, though in this case the User does not owe VIP service fee.

2.5.6. The User can also request a VIP subscription by filling in a request stating the country of delivery and type of subscription. Therein the User agrees to pay the relevant fee for the selected VIP service at per the Company's price plan and applicable VIP subscription discounts for all packages he receives during the subscription period for the selected country.

2.5.7. The VIP Extra + Insurance service covers damages incurred while the package is in the Company's possession. Compensation corresponds to the full value of the requested insurance premium. The service is activated as soon as the package is received at the Company's facility and linked to the requested service, and after a Company's operator has determined that the package condition corresponds to the description.

2.5.8. The Company, under its sole discretion, may refuse to perform a VIP service, in which case it does not have liability to the Holder, while service fee is waived.

2.6. Package delivery to Users

2.6.1. When delivering packages to a User, the Company, as a legal entity registered as a Personal Data Administrator with the CPPD, has the right to request an identity document from the User to make sure that the package is not delivered to another person. The Company shall not make and retain a copy of the User's identity document.

2.6.2. Packages that have not been received/delivered by/to the User and are in the Company's warehouse in Bulgaria will be stored for a period of 2 (two) months from the date of their transportation to the warehouse. After the expiration of this period, the Company shall not be responsible for the packages and has no obligation to deliver them to the User.

2.6.3. When a package of no number and User data is received at the Company address, it is transported to Bulgaria where it is unpacked in order to establish the contents and the Company takes steps to establish the supposed end recipient. The Company does not commit to a deadline for processing shipments without a name and/or identification number.

2.6.4. If it is impossible to establish the end recipient/User of a package due to missing identification number or incorrect data, the Company has no responsibility for the package, even if it is handed over to another person.

2.7. Storage of packages

2.7.1. All packages at the Company's office in the country of delivery which are not received by the customer within ten days as of their arrival date at the facility, due to customer’s reluctance or inaction, are subject to a package Storage fee, as per the rate published in the Prices section on the Company website (, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions.

2.7.2. The package Storage fee accrued at the time the User receives a package shall be paid upon receipt of any package from the User for all of his packages for which such a fee is incurred.

3. Prices and payment

3.1. The prices of the services provided by the Company are published in the Prices section of the Company website (, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions.

3.2. The Company can change its service prices at its own discretion and sends an informative e-mail no later than 14 days prior to the upcoming change.

4. Personal data

4.1. The Company respects the privacy of its customers and guarantees the maximum protection of their personal data. Read the Privacy Policy posted here. It has been designed and based on the current Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of personal data protection.

4.2. The Company commits to use customers’ personal data solely for the purposes for which they were obtained in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If a User has provided incorrect information, this obligation is considered void.

4.3. The company commits not to disclose customers’ personal data to third parties without customers’ express permission, or when the information must be provided to the relevant authorities under Bulgarian legislation.

4.4. The Company commits to use personal data provided by Users for the following purposes only:

User request processing

Statistical purposes to improve the Website performance

Administration and maintenance of the Website content

When a User has agreed to be notified of new services and promotions that would be of interest to him/her.

4.5. The Company does not request confidential information, bank accounts, bank card details from its Users through any means of communication.

4.6. The User is fully responsibile for sharing confidential information with third parties.

4.7. The Company does not assume any liability in the event that a User is misled by third parties who present themselves as representatives of the Company's interests.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. The Company is not responsible for errors on the Website that occurred due to changes, settings, or other technical factors, as well as malicious interference.

5.2. These General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by the Company to improve the quality of the services provided, as well as the introduction of new ones. Such changes may also result from amendments in the Bulgarian legislation. Regardless of the grounds for such changes in the General Terms and Conditions of the Company, the Company undertakes to inform the Users by announcing all changes in a highly visible place on the Website. Changes come into effect on the day they are published on the Website.

5.3. The Company has the right to delete any user profile of Users violating the terms of use of the Website or compromise its intended use.

5.4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages (direct, indirect, accidental or otherwise) arising from the use or inability to use information about the type of content presented on the Website or for any errors or omissions in the content that may cause damages.

5.5. The Company does not offer any direct or indirect guarantees that the service will meet the User's requirements or that it will be undiminished, secure, and free of any errors, that the products/services obtained free of charge or purchased from the Website, including those acquired through coupons purchased/received in advance will satisfy the requirements or expectations of the User.

5.6. The Company has the right to post advertising banners and/or links in any part of the Website in accordance with the legislation in force.

5.7. All disputes arising from the use of the Website in connection with the purchase of goods shall be resolved by mutual agreement with the Users, and if such is not reached, before the competent courts in the city of Sofia, in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation. The provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions.


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