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If you have ever thought it would be great to have your own ski or snowboard equipment with you on your winter vacation, it’s good to learn about us. We provide an easy and cheap way to bring all your stuff with you and waste no money for renting equipment that doesn’t fit you best. We offer delivery from UK to Bulgaria and back to UK at a price of 2.00 £/kg.



Who we are?

We are a Bulgarian company specialized in transporting parcels and personal belongings from UK to Bulgaria. We have an address in Farnham, Surrey where we collect and ship parcels on weekly basis.





How it works?

  1. Pack your equipment and put a label on it with your full name /Leron and your phone number. If you have more than one package make sure you labeled all of them!


       John Smith/Leron

    +44 5555 555 555


  2. Fill in our Registration form below
  3. We ship all collected parcels every Sunday and we have them available for pick up in Sofia 4 working days later. 
  4. Arriving in Bulgaria, you will find us at the parking of the airport terminal. We will hold a big label Leron. There you pay and receive your stuff in few minutes. It's important to know that this payment includes both delivery and return back to UK. 
  5. At the end of your vacation we will be again waiting for you at the parking of the airport where we will pick up your stuff for returning it back to UK. Please be aware that the return process takes 2-3 weeks.
  6. If you haven’t got the chance to pack your belongings in an appropriate way, do not worry! We may do that for you. Be aware that small fee is applied for that, payable at the drop off.
  7. When your belongings are back in UK you will receive a message. According to your instructions they can stay with us until you pick them up personally or we may send them by courier to your address.


Why choose us?


  • We have over 3 years of experience in transporting parcels and personal belongings from UK to Bulgaria and back.
  • We offer cheap but reliable service.
  • Using our service you will avoid the high taxes air companies charge for additional, heavy or extra-large luggage.
  • Using our service you may take your own equipment which surely fits you best. At the same time you will save significant amount of money from renting one at the resort.
  • We are well organized and will not waste your time on pick up and drop off.


Our prices:


We charge 2 лв per every started kg no matter the size of your packages.

Our Address:

Big Yellow Self Storage, Ashton road, Harold Hill

Post code: RM3 8NF

It doesn’t include delivery from/to your address.



Additional packaging = 2.50£/ piece

If additional packaging of your stuff is needed in order to ensure safe transportation, we will take care for that!